I'm particularly interested in working with video game developers, but flexible!

  • Development - web (JS and HTML) and games (Java w/ libGDX)
  • Video production - videography, video editing, and motion graphics
  • Original music - instrumental, sample-based, and synthesized
  • Sound design - practical and synthesized sound effects, tailor-made to gel with my music!

I believe strongly in being a jack-of-many-trades.


I started a game development studio with Lisa Bromiel called Trichotomy Games.

I earned a degree in Communications (Media Studies) from Northern Illinois University.

I currently work at the National Veterans Art Museum, where I do various multimedia work.

My family runs a nightclub/music venue called FitzGerald's, where I have shot many live performances.

I was an intern at Big Shoulders Digital Video Production.


Dog Sled Saga

I'm currently working on a game called Dog Sled Saga with Lisa Bromiel, as our company Trichotomy Games.

Dawn of the Plow

In January 2014, I released a snowplowing game called Dawn of the Plow for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. I made it entirely solo in about a month and a half. I released an update with a new mode called Attack of the Snowmobiles in August 2014.


Recently, these two games and my other prototypes have been made in a Java-based framework called LibGDX. I have past experience with AS3, javascript, and C# for games.


Created for Dan's solo side project game Dawn of the Plow in NES style
Originally created as a submission for a game called Gunpoint
A chiptunes EP drawing from an eclectic set of genres
Music for a student IGF game by DePaul/Trident. Each stage has two tracks that crossfade based on player action (see video)
Videogame music covers with real instruments/instrument samples